Smencils Home Kits 4-pack
Smencils Home KitSmencils Home KitSmencils Home Kit

Smencils Home Kits 4-Pack


The Smencils Home Kits 4-Pack includes 32 of our gourmet scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspapers. However, these Smencils are even more fun since its a DIY (Do It Yourself) project. Each Home Kit has 8 unscented Smencils, 8 freshness tubes, 8 pencil stickers and 4 scent applicators. The instructions are included inside the Home Kit. Order 10 Home Kit 4 packs for just $237.50 enough for 40 kids to have fun making Smencils.

  • 4 Smencils Home Kits
  • 32 Smencils in total
  • 4 sweet scents
  • Instructions come included
  • FREE shipping within the 48 contiguous states
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  • Bubble Gum scentBubble Gum
  • Toasted Marshmallow scentToasted Marshmallow
  • Pineapple scentPineapple
  • Strawberry scentStrawberry


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