Distributor Packets Sent Out

Your Fall 2019 Distributor Packet Includes:

A COVER LETTER with important information

NEW PRICE SHEET new as of July 1st so update your website ASAP

DROP SHIP ORDER FORM to fax or email your orders

SCENT LIST updated scents when new inventory starts shipping

INVENTORY SHEET go to scentcofundraising.com distributor tab

8 PAGE BROCHURE with attached school order form, just sticker with your company info and give out to your customers / prospects

SMILLOW SELL SHEET new $20 fundraiser that is hot

PLUSH CRUSH SELL SHEET new $5 non-scented “toy” sells great

Plush Crush Ball
1 Mechanical Smencil
1 Smillow
1 Gel Crayon
1 Air Dough
1 Smicker
1 Crayola Pencil Pouch
1 Dino Dude BP Clip
1 Tri-Color Smen
1 Oh So Yummy BP Clip
1 Key Chain
Various Smencil Samples ( 5-6 )
Num Nom Eraser

A mix of samples can be ordered this summer at reduced pricing. Email: customerservice@scentcofundraising.com

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