March 2018 information and updates

Staying Current: To reflect new information for available products, pricing and case packs, it is important your company update its website and handouts by August 1, 2018.

A Distributor Price List, Cover Letter, Drop Ship Order Form, Advertising Brochure etc… will be mailed out and posted by June to give you all summer to make your changes.

New Smens products were developed to sell at $1.00 and have a dropship price of .48 cents. Mechanical Smencils were redesigned to improve the product.

Backpack Buddies with a $5 sell price are working well. New $5 Plush Pencil Pouches were developed and new Crayola Silly Scents Smencils. All Squeezables will be a $3 seller instead of $5 moving forward.

Please continue to refer to the Distributor Section weekly for updates and for the forms you need. The inventory sheet is updated on a regular basis.

Please Note: Roughly 20 item codes will be changing and some case packs your July 1, 2018 distributor price list will reflect these changes.

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