Halloween Glow-in-the-Dark Air Dough


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Halloween Glow-in-the-Dark Air Dough

Air Dough is super a lightweight, non-stick, smooth to touch modeling compound that stimulates creativity and play based learning for kids. Follow the simple instructions to create your version of the intended model or mix and match colors to create whatever your imagination desires. Easy mixing for endless color possibilities and creativity; strong elasticity, perfect for squishing, stretching, molding, and shaping. Air dries overnight so you can display and show off all your amazing creations for as long as you want!

Air Dough does not stick to carpet or fabric when put into reasonable contact with it. If the compound is pushed into carpet or fabric in any way, we cannot guarantee that all of it will be easily removed. Air Dough is water soluble, so no chemicals are needed for removal, just water and gentle scrubbing. Please use Air Dough with some caution and care.

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