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The Scented Keychains are scented silicone characters with an attached key chain. Each of the 4 different characters has their own unique scent guaranteed to last 2 years.

The case of Scented Keychains includes 200 individually packaged keychains. You will receive 50 each of the 4 scents per case.

  • 200 Scented Keychains per case
  • 50 each of the 4 scents
  • FREE shipping within the 48 contiguous States

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Keychain Spinner Rack
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Scented Keychains

Scented Keychains are a fun and unique addition to any fundraising campaign! Made from strong and flexible silicone. Great for kids and adults!

Scented Keychains
  • Fun and useful product!
  • Keychains are approximately 1.5″ × 1.5″ (varies slightly by character)
  • Scents are guaranteed to last for 2 years


  • Cupcake
  • Creamsicle
  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Watermelon

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Weight25 lbs


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