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Case of 16 Smillows


Smillows are giant scented pillows and a great fundraising product. You will receive 4 each of the 4 designs. Earn 40% profit.

  • 4x Blueberry, 4x Kiwi, 4x Tangerine, 4x Cookies 'N Cream
  • Pay only $12.00 each and sell for $20.00
  • Case of 16 Smillows is $192.00 with free shipping included
  • Your profit per case is $128.00
  • Each Smillow is vacuum-sealed. Its gift box package measures 15″ length x 4.72″ width x 15″ height
  • Scent is guaranteed to last for 2 years

Num Noms: 120 Mystery Backpack Buddies Case


The Num Noms case of blind bags includes 120 mystery backpack buddies. There are 4 scents and you get 30 of each per case. Your cost is $3.00 / each blind bag sells for $5 making your school 40% profit.

Why kids love blind bags…

  • Holds the ultimate surprise
  • Collectible character is inside
  • Kids trade with each other


Mix Your Own Case

Rated 5.00 out of 5
From: $200.00 Select options

Mix Your Own Case

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings
(7 customer reviews)
From: $200.00

Mix-a-Case for your school store…
Advisors, Teachers and Parent Organizations can choose from our assortment to stock the school store. Watch your school store sales increase with more variety that keeps students coming back for more.

Mix-a-Case for your school club…
Please add 10 or more products to the cart to make up your custom case. This allows for more choices without having to order a full case of each product that your club wants to sell.

Mix-a-Case is easy…
You can choose from what is listed at this time. Some of our products are seasonal (meaning they are only available at certain times during the year). All currently available products are listed below.

  • Minimum order: 10 products
  • Choose the products unique to your campus
  • Includes FREE Smell Zone Display
  • Includes FREE ground shipping (to the 48 contiguous States)

If you have any questions, please call us toll free at 1-866-763-6245.
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Please add 10 or more products to the cart.
Smencils tips

What are Smencils?

the world’s only gourmet scented pencils

Smencils are gourmet scented pencils that are made from 100% recycled newspapers. We roll sheets of newspaper tightly around the #2 graphite writing cores until pencils of typical thickness are formed. Then they’re hardened – allowing them to be sharpened just like wood pencils. Next, we soak them with our gourmet liquid scents (made by an award winning fragrance company).

Once they’re dry, we attach the erasers and apply the stickers around them that identify which scent was infused into each Smencil. Lastly, we put each Smencil into its own recyclable plastic freshness tube that comes with a collectible top cap.

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Our products are sold the traditional way, through your school store, a PTA/PTO table top, or sent home with students.

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Scented Pencils, pens, markers, note books, whatever you need we got you covered. Our product will make your fundraiser the best smelling ever.

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