The Scentco Sell-A-Thon Fundraiser

Is an online store, featuring our award-winning products, that you share with your students’ parents, family members, friends, & co-workers. The profits from all sales made during the Sell-A-Thon campaign go directly to your school. We process all the purchases and ship the orders to the homes of your supporters throughout the 48 contiguous States.

Our job is to raise profits for your school.

Your job is easy… just promote it!

Want to see the Scentco Sell-A-Thon in action?

1. Set Up a Sell-A-Thon Account

Fill out the form below to contact us and we will get you set up in our system.

Start a Scentco Sell-A-Thon

2. How to Promote

We will send you samples of the products to display at your school. We will also send you up to 100 take-home flyers (black and white printed). Then you will receive an email with information about your personal online admin where you can monitor the fundraiser’s progress. You can also send out the email we prepared for you (located under the parent communications tab in the admin) to communicate with your students’ parents about:

  1. What the funds are being raised for
  2. How long the fundraiser will run
  3. How your supporters get convenient home delivery of our products from the Sell-A-Thon store
  4. How they can invite family, friends & co-workers from around the country to support your fundraiser using the new mobile app
  5. How they can promote the fundraiser on their social media platforms

3. Inviting Family, Friends & Co-workers Across the Country to Support Your Fundraiser

Parents can download the new Scentco Fundraising app and set up a personal account to reach more supporters. They can enter their student’s name, associated school, and campaign. Then, they can invite family, friends & co-workers by either text or email in the app with access to all of their contacts to choose from. gift cards can be earned when they send out invitations and spread the word about the fundraiser. They can also use the app to monitor the fundraiser’s progress.

4. Products Are Sent Directly to Your Supporters

We conveniently ship the orders directly to the homes or places of work of the parents, family members, friends & co-workers…whether they’re in your town, or anywhere in the 48 contiguous States.

5. Your School Gets Funded

Your school receives the 40% portion of all sales made during the Sell-A-Thon at the end of the campaign. We pay you directly through your school’s business PayPal account, send you a check, ACH, or whatever payment method you prefer.

How Much Can You Earn?

Total Sales School Profit
$1,000 $400
$5,000 $2,000
$10,000 $4,000
$25,000 $10,000


In preparing to start the Scentco Sell-A-Thon, we offer each school a Starter Package…..which contains samples of the products from the online store, customized take-home flyers for each student that is participating, and color posters to put up on campus.

By showcasing the products at your school, it gets the students more excited about the Sell-A-Thon campaign and helps them communicate the information to parents and family members. Teachers can also use the product samples as prizes to incentivize the students to promote the fundraiser and generate the maximum amount of sales for your school.

So long as your school generates at least $1,000 worth of sales from your campaign (somewhere around 22 orders…depending on the size of them), then the Starter Package will be free. If your school does not meet the $1,000 threshold, then $150 will be withheld from the payout of your school’s proceeds to cover the cost of the Starter Package (product samples, take-home flyers, posters, and shipping).

If your school would prefer to not receive the starter package, and would rather receive a copy of the take-home flyer from Scentco via email so you can distribute it yourselves, that’s fine too. There will not be a sales threshold to meet in this case.

The Starter Package Contains:

  • Samples of the fun products featured in the Sell-A-Thon online store
  • Customized Take-Home Flyers – enough for each student participating in the fundraising campaign
  • 4 color posters to display around campus