Fundraising with Scentco

Are you looking to start a fundraiser but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Choose the method below that best suits your needs…

1: In-hand Selling

This is a time-proven way to raise funds with our products. Each participant is given product to sell to family and friends either on campus or off. Our products are the fastest money makers for schools, sports teams, or any other organization. When a product is popular, it makes selling easy!

2: School Store

Purchase our products to sell in your school store. You can pick from a variety of products using our mix-a-case option. It even comes with a FREE display to set-up!


Is your PTO/PTA group looking to raise funds? Our products are a great and easy way to set-up a fundraiser. Present the products in our FREE display (comes with the mix-a-case option) at any on-campus event.

4: Smillows Take-Home Order Form

Order one Order-Taker form for each student participating in your Smillow fundraiser. Send the colorful Order Taker form home with the students and let their family, friends & co-workers write down how many Smillows they want to order along with payment. Collect the forms and payments at the end of your sale, then tally up the total. Place your order with us for the exact number of Smillows sold during the fundraiser. A Smillow sells for $25.00 you keep 40% / $10.00 for each Smillow sold and we pay shipping. 

Download to preview the free forms we will send you:

Download Smillows Take-Home Order Form

Download Smillows Tally Form

Download Smillows Master Order Form

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5. Scentco Sell-A-Thon

Use our online, contactless fundraising system to raise money the modern way. Reach across the country — it’s amazingly simple and profitable.

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Age Range Suggestions

Scentco Product Ages 1-4 Ages 5-10 Ages 11-14 Ages 15-18+
Smelly Gellies
Backpack Buddies
Air Dough

Offline mail and fax options

If you would like to order using a check or purchase order please download the appropriate forms to mail or fax in.